Gemma Cattermole, her parent’s Anniversary Party, Suffolk, 10/09/2016

17.09.16 01:05 PM Comment(s) By Helen

Gemma had previously hired 21st Century Riot for her wedding reception so when her parent's decided to throw an anniversary party she contacted me to book them again. The band actually already had a gig but having worked with so many musicians over the years I offered an alternative line-up of the band. Having seen the demo's Gemma decided to go ahead and from the review below, the guys were a roaring success! 

I'm so happy I was able to help with this one, it's always lovely when client's come back to us. It's also really brilliant when we can help make moments happen and client's sing with the band - this one sounds so special. Thanks for your lovely comments Gemma, fingers crossed for more parties!!

Hey Helen,


Mum and Dad had an amazing night – everything went brilliantly. The band were fantastic and so lovely! Letting the kids play the drums! Two of my Dad’s friends have asked for contact details as they would like to book them in for other events.


Dad’s song was brilliant, he did a little speech then went into his song, he did forget a few words but it went down really well, he just stood there with his hand in his pocket styling it out - I had a little cry!


Thank you so much for all your help you always make everything so easy. Hopefully you will get a couple more bookings in too!


Thanks again,


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